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TRU-PINE Original Canadian Pine Bark Extract


TRU-PINE® is a proprietary Canadian Pine Bark Extract formula made from the original preparation given to Jacques Cartier and his men by the Native people of Canada in 1535-1536. TRU-PINE® is the only known pine bark product to source its materials from the same pine trees used in the original formula.

The Formula

TRU-PINE® Capsules contains Canadian pine bark (Pinus strobus), rose hips fruit (Rosa canina), and Vitamin C. When combined, the ingredients are synergistically enhanced.

Pine Bark Rose Hips Vitamin C

The Quality

The pine bark selected to produce TRU-PINE® is harvested during timber production to ensure that the highest concentration of antioxidants properties is extracted. The standardized process extracts more than 95% of the bark’s OPC’s (oligomeric proanthocyanidins).

Good manufacturing practices

TRU-PINE® is produced in a cGMP (certified good manufacturing practices) manufacturing facility. All employees are required to wear protective head, body and footwear gear. The ingredients in TRU-PINE® are submitted to quality control tests, including high performance liquid chromatography, near-infrared spectrometry, microbiological analysis and heavy metal testing.

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